IWalked Boston’s Sacred Heart Church

Situated within Boston’s Little Italy (the North End) and just a short distance from the Paul Revere House is the historic Sacred Heart Church.

Sacred Heart actually began as The Seamen’s Bethel in 1833. A bethel, for those unaware, is a chapel for seafarers.  In 1876, a faction of individuals from nearby St. Leonard’s Church broke off to formulate Sacred Heart, the second Italian church is the area. As the 1st Italian church, St. Leonards had brought together Italians from many various regions. With so many regions (and religious views) represented in a single congregation, a small faction eventually separated to create an alternative palace of worship for the Italian community

The congregation which moved here was said to have been home to one of the most famous orators and preachers of its day. People from all around would come to hear the speeches of “Father” Taylor, who was a former sailor himself. Among those whom traveled to hear the wisdoms of “Father” Taylor included Walt Whitman and Charles Dickens. Herman Melville even based his character Father Mapple in the novel Moby Dick, based upon Father Taylor.


Website: http://www.catholic-church.org/stleonard/churchwebsite/index.html

Address: 14 North Square, Boston, MA

Cost: Free.

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