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Freedom Trail

- Freedom Trail

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Overview (Coming Soon):

Walk with us as we share the highlights (and many sites in-between) along Boston’s most popular tour—The Freedom Trail. From the Site of the Boston Massacre to the serene Boston Common, we visit it all.

Quirky Trivia:

(1) Which famous Boston hotel has had the likes of Ho Chi Min and Emeril Lagasse work there? (2) Which our founding fathers asked European academia to “Fart Proudly”?

Popular Culture:

Ben Affleck, Mother Goose, Charles Dickens, The Scarlet Letter, Edgar Allen Poe, John F Kennedy

Crimes / Scandals:

Most haunted hotel, Boston Massacre, Holocaust, Captain Kidd, Brinks Job, Boston Tea Party

White House (Main Page)

- Foggy Bottom

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Walk with us through one of Washington’s oldest neighborhoods. From the President’s House to the Department of Everything Else, we visit it all.

Quirky Trivia:

(1) What war memorial almost became a permanent mausoleum for two homeless people in 1962? (2) How is it that the artist Aleijadinho sculpted a work outside of the OAS when he doesn’t exist?

Popular Culture:

Monica Lewinski, All The President’s Men, GW River Horse, Albert Einstein, Ansel Adams, Alec Baldwin

Crimes / Haunts:

Watergate Scandal, Ghost of Six Great Washingtonians, Philip Barton Key II Murder, Octagon House’s Stairway of Death

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